Our Team

Mia-Ayers Goss

Buffalo Chapter Leader

Mia Ayers-Goss is a compassionate community servant with the ability to motivate and inspire individuals in identifying their potential, and to continue and share this potential to serve others. With this ongoing quest to give, she has been able to promote significant, positive change in communities and individuals through advocacy, empowered by spearheading kindhearted humanitarian initiatives. During the COVID pandemic Mia coordinated and conducted multiple Citywide PPE, Masks, Food Distribution and Giveaways for thousands of families in need along with the entire MVP membership as well as the support of the BPS and other nonprofits in the city of Buffalo NY; also participated in Voter Registration Drives and disseminated Census education and registration information. Mia takes pride in engaging a civically based approaches to community building as she is committed to a life-long service based on personal and professional experiences.

Natalie Mishkin

New York City Chapter Leader

Natalie began working with Brady in 2020 when she got laid off work in the height of the pandemic and decided to redirect her energy to a cause that disturbs, saddens, and impassions her. Working with Brady has exposed her to the devastating realties of our uniquely American epidemic, but has also allowed her to meet incredible, courageous people who have differing life experiences but yet all coalesce around fighting for a future free of gun violence. Natalie is currently in law school and is eager to use her legal degree to continue to contribute to the fight to end gun violence.

Joshua P. Paul

Westchester County NY Chapter Leader

Joshua Paul is a retired lawyer and currently leads Brady’s chapter in Westchester County, New York. Joshua graduated from Yale College in 1981 with a degree in history, and from Northwestern University School of Law in 1984. He is a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation. Joshua today spends much of his time reading and writing about different aspects of the gun violence epidemic in the United States. He is especially interested in reaching people who do not identify as “Progressive” to discuss Brady’s plan for curtailing gun violence, and, hopefully, to find common ground that will enable them to support sensible reforms that will save lives.